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From 2002 through October 2004, Kopel was a blog contributor to The Corner, on National Review Online. Since November 2004, he has blogged for The Volokh Conspiracy, a group blog of law professors and lawyers. The Volokh Conspiracy was hosted on its own site until January 2014, when it moved to the Washington Post. In January 2018, The Volokh Conspiracy moved to Reason.com.

The complete Volokh archives from 2002 to the present are available here.

Kopel's blogging for Volokh from 2014 to the present is available here.

The files below collect Kopel's blogging for the indicated time periods.


2012 Nov.-Dec.; 2012 Sept-Oct.; 2012 July-Aug.; 2012 May-June; 2012 Mar.-Apr.; 2012 Jan.-Feb.

2011 Nov.-Dec.; 2011 Sept.-Oct.; 2011 July-Aug.; 2011 May-June; 2011 Mar.-Apr.; 2011 Jan.-Feb.

2010 Nov.-Dec.; 2010 Sept-Oct.; 2010 July-Aug.; 2010 Apr.-June; 2010 Jan.-Mar.

2009 Oct.-Dec.; 2009 July-Sept.; 2009 Apr.-June; 2009 Jan.-Mar.

2008 Oct.-Dec.; 2008 July-Sept.; 2008 April-June; 2008 Jan.-Mar.

2007 Aug.-Dec.; 2007 Jan.-July

2006 Oct. 3- Dec. 31; 2006 Jan. 1- Oct. 2





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