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Oct. 23, 2001, Second Amendment newsletter

About once a month, Dave Kopel produces a free e-mail Newsletter containing short summaries and links to important new research and writing involving the Second Amendment and firearms policy. The newsletter also reports on Kopel's latest writing.

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Archive of past issues.

Kopel's Second Amendment Newsletter. October 23, 2001.
The Second Amendment Project is based at the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank in Golden, Colorado.
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***Important news about this newsletter***

Starting with this issue, electronic distribution of this newsletter will be handled by the Second Amendment Foundation, based in Bellevue, Washington.

This will give me more time to work on the content of the newsletter,  instead of maintaining the mailing list and conducting the e-mailings. Over time, we hope to use the Second Amendment Foundation's expertise to improve the production quality of this newsletter.

Soon, the Second Amendment Foundation will begin making back issues of the  newsletter available on-line.

Like the previous issue, this issue contains articles and links related to the war. Almost all of them will have some connection to Second Amendment issues. In some cases, the connection will be obvious - e.g., armed pilots. In other cases, there will be discussion of civil liberties issues where gun rights are placed at risk over the long term - e.g., in the expansion of warrantless surveillance, which could be used against gun owners or activists by some future administration, or a national ID card, which could be used to store gun registration information.

Finally, all my material has moved to a new website:
http://www.davidkopel.com/  (or .org or .net).

The website and I are both still affiliated with the Independence Institute, and my new site contains plenty of links to the main Independence Institute website. But there are now so many documents on the Independence main site that we needed to move my material over to separate site, to make it easier for users to find and read. If you'd like to go straight to the Second Amendment page for my new site, which contains links to scores of firearms-related articles, go to:

Best wishes,
Dave Kopel

Table of Contents for this issue
1. New Kopel law review article: "Lawyers, Guns, and Burglars." Arizona Law  Review.
2. New Kopel short articles: Armed pilots. Civil liberties and the war.
3. Links. Special sections on the War, the Emerson case, and more.

1. "Lawyers, Guns, and Burglars" 43 Arizona Law Review 345.
By Dave Kopel


How America's high rate of household gun ownership dramatically reduces the home invasion burglary rate. Because burglars don't know which homes are armed, most burglars avoid entering homes while they are occupied. As a result, all Americans - even members of gun prohibition groups - are made safer by American gun ownership.

The HTML version of this article is brand new, and still needs some spiffing up and improved links. (Any volunteers?)

2. New Kopel short articles.

a. Coming this week and next in National Review Online: articles on the Emerson case, on Switzerland, and on phony claims against .50 caliber rifles

b. Coming next weekend on National Review Online, Weekend Edition. Book review of "Shots in Dark: The Policy, Politics, and Symbolism of Gun Control," by William Vizzard.

c. Will the War Kill the Bill of Rights?
Discusses secret searches and warrantless Internet/e-mail surveillance.
Cato Institute
October 18, 2001


d. A Potential Ally? In conversation with Iran.
National Review Online. Oct. 3, 2001.
Kopel's interview with the Tehran newspaper Siasat Roos (Politics of the Day).

e. ID Nation. A national ID card is the wrong way to go.
National Review Online. Oct. 2, 2001. Kopel and two other writers.

f. Wargames. How conflict simulation games from Avalon Hill, SPI, and other  companies have educated Americans about the realities of war.
With Glenn Harlan Reynolds.
National Review Online. Oct. 1, 2001

g. Arms in the Air. Thinking through arming pilots.
National Review Online. Sept. 26, 2001.

h. Don't Press the Panic Button. The antiterrorism legislation before Congress is dangerous. National Review Online. Sept. 21, 2001.


3. Links.

a. The War

Only Guns Can Stop Terrorists
It's harder to victimize armed citizens.
By John R. Lott, Jr.

Saved by the Militia
Arming an army against terrorism.
September 18, 2001
By Randy E. Barnett
National Review Online

Save Lives, Arm Pilots
Tanya Metaksa, FrontPage Magazine
Oct. 3, 2001


"Interview With An Unlikely Hero"
RiShawn Biddle, Forbes.com
Sept. 13, 2001
The story of one of the heroes of flight 93

bin Laden target.
Practice your parasite extermination skills

Attacks on American Muslims Reaffirm Wisdom of 2nd Amendment
By Glenn J. Sacks
Pasadena Star-News.

Americans in Good Standing
Advocate for armed citizens on planes.
"Americans have the right to protect themselves and can take an active role in making  our skies safe again."

Project Safe Skies
Another group to promote safety by promoting armed passengers.

For Many Without Guns, Attack Was a Call to Arm
By Yuki Noguchi
Washington Post
Oct. 2, 2001

Mommy Liberty
Popular new image shows Statue of Liberty with a revolver!
Sept. 26, 2001

Many a truth is said in jest...
"Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell: We Expected Eternal Paradise For This, Say Suicide Bombers"
The Onion
Sept. 26, 2001

b. General Firearms Issues

Operation Self-Defense
Collects reports of firearms self-defense

New California gun control law, full text, 105 pages.


Coverage of "First Monday" anti-gun event
By Ari Armstrong
Colorado Freedom Report
Oct. 9, 2001

c. History. Bellesiles' "Arming America" hoax continues to unravel.

University asks historian to defend his research on gun ownership book
By David Mehegan,
Boston Globe Staff
Oct. 3, 2001


Gun Control Book Based on Faulty Data
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
October 10, 2001


d. Edged Weapons


Historical Armed Combat Association

e. Legal News. Non-Emerson

U.S. v. McFarland.
Judges Garwood & DeMoss (the two majority judges from the Emerson case)
uphold a federal armed robbery conviction, but raise doubts about whether
the Congressional power to regulate interstate commerce really should
still be interpreted to allow federalization of street crime.


Maryland gun rights group's lawsuit against Governor
Glendenning, for failing to implement the state's new
handgun safety training mandate (and by failing to implement
the new law which the Governor lobbied for, attempting to
make it impossible to buy handguns).


Nellie Jones v. Williams Pawn & Guns
No. 4d00-3723
Florida Court of Appeals
Oct. 10, 2001
Court rejects a vagueness challenge to Florida statute prohibiting sale of guns to persons of "unsound mind."

f. The Emerson Case.
The most important Second Amendment victory in court, ever. The case does not mark the end of the gun control, but it does mark the beginning of the end of claims that gun  control laws can ignore the Second Amendment, and that gun prohibition not  unconstitutional.

The Fifth Circuit's ruling, in HTML

A decision of historic importance
U.S. News & World Report
By Michael Barone
Web exclusive 10/19/01


2nd Amendment Victory
National Review interview with Nelson Lund


Al Qaeda delenda est!

(If this last quote seems obscure, ask your friends who know Roman history to explain the phrase "Carthago delenda est!")


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